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(lt) Neringa FM muzika: 6 Neringa FM eterio naujienos #11

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6 new tracks to neringa fm #9

6 new tracks to Neringa FM playlist #9

Take a listen to what we listen and what we add to our radio playlist. Here are 6 exclusive tracks that we recently added, for your listening pleasure!

6new tracks to NeringaFM 8

6 new tracks to Neringa FM playlist #8

Summer welcome from our music editor. Have a sneak peak into our radio playlist, with 6 selected new entries, so you know what side we move and groove!


made in Lithuania hot 10

Made in Lithuania – kitoks žvilgsnis į lietuvišką muziką. Neringa FM eteryje kas dvi valandas nuskamba naujas, kokybiškas , lietuviškas kūrinys. Jei manai, kad turi/žinai aukštus standartus ir kokybę atitinkantį produktą, laukiam: tomas[eta]


6 new tracks to neringa fm playlist week #1

First week of January welcomed us with gorgeous winter views of nature, so here you can have a sneak into very few of our playlist newcomers, inspired by it.


6 new tracks to Neringa FM playlist Week #49

1.Vruno is a scene name of Orlando Meyer  who is an experimental musician from Chile, constantly looking for inspiration.  He is always open to explore, listen and enjoy all the different sounds of the world. We picked you a track called Inti Kundor. Check him out! 2. Dandara & Arutani[…]

monster-rally mystery cove

6 new tracks to Neringa FM playlist Week #37

#1. Bastien Keb – Love Just Died Tonight A reclusive figure, we first encountered Seb via his amazing record ‘Dinking In The Shadows Of Zizou’, released last year (seemingly from nowhere) on the excellent One-Handed Music label. A multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, he makes a living writing for TV and film[…]

Neringa FM playlist newcomers

6 new tracks to Neringa FM playlist Week #36

#1. Kitkaliitto come from Finland and are a really loose band in terms of membership – there can be one to five people in the studio and what they usually generate is a music-driven stream of consciousness. Led by Tommi Toivonen, the electro collective Kitkaliitto write their songs during jam sessions,[…]

Pachakuti - Agua Clara

6 New tracks to Neringa FM playlist

What happens when you bring together a space hop juggernaut with a spacey electro-soul outfit? The Hue collective, hailing from Space City, is the aftermath of combining the critically acclaimed groups H.I.S.D. (Hueston Independent Spit District) with their cosmic kinsmen and rising sensation Radio Galaxy. Their mission is to explore[…]

Christian Gabel

6 New tracks to Neringa FM playlist: Week #9

Last week was very interested to our playlist, as we filled it with a lot of world music. Here are some highlights of our playlist newcomers, for your attention. Firsty we would like to pay your attention to Sao Paolo’s Voodoohop resident Tomash. Interestingly, Thomash has a degree in artificial[…]


6 New tracks to Neringa FM playlist: Week #8

We listen to a lot of music. Every week we select good music from thousands of sounds from around the world and upload it to our radio, so you can relax or keep busy living your life with the soundtrack that we offer. Here is a space in our site,[…]

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