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Serial experiments

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Full driven music and dance moves.!

Serial Experiments emerged in early 2014, with one hour shows called „layers“, and later that year joined forces with whypeopledance, becoming a part of their project.

Now layers are being transmitted weekly in radio format, with each layer consisting of the first hour mixed by the founder of the series – every time divergent, containing different music and concerning diverse themes. Mostly the sound is somewhere between dim basement chants and weirdly twisted vibes – always danceable, not always in the most conventional ways.

Starting from the second hour follow guest mixes by friends and artists we love – legends of the scene like Andrew Weatherall, Red Axes, Timothy J Fairplay, Headman, Tolouse Low Trax, Drvg Cvltvre as well as rising semi-new artists like Manfredas, Kris Baha, Borusiade and many others have already recorded special mixes for our show.

We are on the constant search of darker, weirder and various other contorted sounds. Genre or popularity does not matter here – vision and creativity does.

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