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Fellow of Neringa: JOVEM PALEROSI

Jovem Palerosi is a musician, a DJ and a musical producer and a member of the instrumental bands Meneio, Craca Dani Nega e o Dispositivo Tralha from Sao Paulo. He is also collaborating frequently with several artists of the instrumental and electronic scene from Brazil. His songs transpose between ethereal[…]

Fellow of Neringa Ionrec

Fellow of Neringa – Ionrec

This week in our podcast series “Fellow of Neringa” we introduce you to a music producer from Klaipėda, Lithuania – Andrius aka Ionrec. “Music that drives your soul and not just that!” – that’s a way that Andrius greets his fans. He got our radio attention 4 years ago, when[…]


Fellow of Neringa – Carla Sanguineti

Ladies & gentlemen, with a smile on our faces we kindly introduce you to a very charming lady from Argentina, that our music editor had a pleasure to meet couple of weeks ago, while traveling in Latin America – Carla Sanguineti. Carla is a producer and a selector of live[…]

kitkaliitto neringa fm

Fellow of Neringa – Kitkaliitto

In a podcast series “Fellow of Neringa” tonight we proudly present you electronic trio from Finland –  Kitkaliitto! Kitkaliitto is a collaborative band of 3 friends to flesh out their ideas in music and visual arts. Kitkaliitto is a really loose band in terms of membership – there can be one[…]


Fellow of Neringa – Felipe MD from Sao Paulo

Every Wednesday we introduce you to some interesting music lovers, in the podcast series “Fellow of Neringa“. This week, we want to introduce you to Felipe MD, who is a up to date with the “brazilian” eletronic scene since the half of 1990s. Felipe style of music is mostly Latin[…]

Mystical plants

Fellows of Neringa: Mystical plants

Today, in our podcast series “Fellow of Neringa” we are happy to introduce you to a very interesting electro-funk band from Hungary – Mystical Plants! Their smooth funk sound combined together with neo-soul and electric jazz vibes gives a familiar but recognizable sound which one can identify with. They were[…]


Tonight’s “Fellow of Neringa” – Jin Yerei

Jin Yerei is one of the many aliases of Federico Sánchez, born and raised at Munro, Buenos Aires. In 2009, Federico started to put organic sounds and rhythms under the Jin Yerei moniker, without taking his eyes off the dance floor. In that time he released his first LP called[…]