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Buttering Trio – The Runner

Check out the New Video for Buttering Trio’s ‘The Runner’! This is the closing song from the trio’s recently released album ‘Threesome’.

Made by the magnificent Nimrod ‘Kof Tevet’ Rothem, the video portrays vivid hallucinations from the human path.

What you gotta do to be someone
how fast you gotta run
where you gotta go to feel at ease
is it really home or just a tease?

What you gotta say to get heard
do you wanna be part of the herd
what you gotta do to be someone?
you wanna have it all but you got none

They got it all upside down
crazy old park and we the clowns
who you gonna blame when its all done?
you’re laying down worn-out in the sun

Are you gonna run it all the way,
knowin’ its a funny game to play?
nobody ever found the guts to stay
I’ll meet you at the end of the runway