(lt) BEACHBALL FEST 2018 REGISTRACIJA: paplūdimio tinklinis ar tenisas

Neringa FM


Beachball FEST 2018 registracija

Here you can register your team to participate in beach volleyball tournament and beach tennis tournament, that will take place in Nida beach during our Neringa FM Beachball FEST 2018.

Beachball FEST 2018 registration for:

  • Beach volleyball amateur team, 3×3. Team price 45 EUR.
  • Beach tennis amateur team, women, 2×2. Team price 30 EUR.
  • Beach tennis amateur team, men, 2×2. Team price 30 EUR.

Here you can find the rules for our tournaments.

The registration will be completed after you submit this form and pay the registration fee. The fee has to be paid during team registration process in the event, that is 12:00 on July 6 in Nida beach.